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Customer Testimonials

"The service associates (Mark and Ashley) were very prompt and professional and made sure that my needs were taken care of." - Leon F.

"I found everyone at the dealership to be courteous and helpful, Most of my dealings were with Lenny Panzini, Lenny found the exact car I wanted and made himself available around the clock helping to answer any questions I had before and after my purchase. I will definitely be a returning customer to Island Lincoln." - Brandon S.

"Recently my husband and I traded in our old car (2009 Chevy Impala) and purchased a newer vehicle (2012 Lincoln MKX). We were astonished at the friendliness, courtesy, and attention to detail that was shown to us by your staff. From our first moment we walked into the dealership, we were treated special. The atmosphere was relaxed, friendly, welcoming, and everyone we met during the decision making, and final sale was knowledgeable and polite. There was absolutely no pressure from sales personnel. They were considerate of our checklist regarding our vehicle requirements and respectful of our desire to purchase used, rather than new. And handing us the keys, told us to enjoy a test drive. The actual purchasing transaction was swift and painless (something that does not always happen), proper paperwork, title transfer, warranty, and a complete set of Lincoln manuals gathered and presented to us in under an hour. My husband and I were each given a discount gasoline and car wash identification card. We were also given an escorted tour of the facility and the many amenities available to Lincoln owners and introduced to the many folks that work there, including the mechanics (that was definitely a first). Not only do we love our "new ride", we thoroughly enjoyed doing business with Island Lincoln and will most certainly purchase future vehicles from you. You have a knack for making the stressful act of purchasing a used car, a fun and enjoyable experience. Respectfully, Jeff and Lynn PS - Not only did I get a discount, a wonderful gentleman pumped my gas the first time I filed up my MKX. (Wow, I can't even remember the last time that happened!)" - Jeff & Lynn

"Ashli is fantastic. Best of the best. Service department is the over the top and is price competitive with Walmart for routine maintenance. Service was completed quickly including the recall problem. And the wait was delightful in your gorgeous facility.Car was delivered clean, washed and vacuumed." - Patsy B.

"We own a 2012 MKX. There has never been a time when I was unhappy or dissatisfied with the service. The staff ALWAYS goes out of their way to be courteous and helpful. Everyone is happy and pleasant. But I attribute that to the uniqueness of how the dealership is run. My assumption is that the staff is happy because they are treated well, and therefore it is passed on to the customers. A win, win situation. The whole experience from initial purchase (which was painless, by the way) to aftercare with servicing, is great. I only wish that the way Island Lincoln operates would be the standard for other dealerships." - Patricia L.